1: Ziva David is a fan-favorite character on NCIS. Her strong personality and mysterious background make her compelling to viewers.

2: Ziva's complex relationships with other characters, like Tony and Gibbs, add depth to the show. Fans love her witty one-liners and kick-ass attitude.

3: Ziva's evolution from a Mossad officer to an NCIS agent captivates audiences. Her resilience and loyalty make her a beloved character.

4: Ziva's departure from NCIS left fans heartbroken, but her occasional guest appearances keep hope alive. Her legacy continues to impact the show.

5: Ziva's return to NCIS in season 17 shocked and delighted fans. Her chemistry with Gibbs and Tony remains palpable, leaving viewers eager for more.

6: Ziva's unique blend of strength and vulnerability resonates with fans. Her compelling backstory and badass skills make her unforgettable.

7: Ziva's reunion with Tony and introduction of their daughter Tali tugged at viewers' heartstrings. Her family dynamic adds depth to her character.

8: Ziva's intelligence and resourcefulness make her a valuable asset to the NCIS team. Her fierce determination and passion for justice inspire fans.

9: Ziva David will always hold a special place in fans' hearts. Her enduring impact on NCIS and viewers' lives solidify her status as a beloved character.