1: Ziva David Quotes "Tony, I have brother. I don't need another one."

2: Ziva David Catchphrases "I am Ziva David, I am not standing still."

3: Ziva David Quotes "No one is more determined than a Mossad Officer."

4: Ziva David Catchphrases "I will not apologize for who I am."

5: Ziva David Quotes "Never underestimate a woman with a weapon."

6: Ziva David Catchphrases "Trust is a sign of respect."

7: Ziva David Quotes "The past is not always behind us."

8: Ziva David Catchphrases "I am not a princess, I am a ninja."

9: Ziva David Quotes "Strength comes in many forms, mine is just the deadliest."